Traditionally Smoked Fish


Traditionally Smoked Fish

Traditionally Smoked is a project to raise awareness of the centuries old process that provides the unique full flavour of traditionally smoked fish.

In contrast to the more widely used mechanical method that involves computer controlled kiln smoking, the traditional method uses knowledge handed down through generations to slowly smoke fish overnight in authentic brick smokehouses. It is a natural and non-mechanical method that is carbon neutral using sustainable resources.

Many traditional smokehouses are listed buildings and family run businesses where specialist knowledge of the smoking method is practiced by truly skilled artisans who learned their craft from their fathers before them. These artisans are preserving a tradition that has its roots far back in human history. Not only are they custodians of a highly prestigious part of Britain's food heritage, they also produce one of the most distinctive and succulent seafood products available.

This project is supervised by the Grimsby Fish Merchants Association and is funded by the Seafish Authority and the European Fisheries Fund.  Contact us via

G H Abernethie – Mark Wheatley

Alfred Enderby – Richard Enderby

MTL – Ian Button

The Fishwife (Atkinson’s) – David Atkinson

Keith Graham (dedicated to Waitrose and owned by Sealord) – Angela Ashby-King

Russell’s (owned by Seachill and produce for Tesco)